Unidentified Submerged Objects seen in, exiting or taking water from lakes, ponds, swamps and ocean

Early 1800’s                           Ossipee

“There are numerous ‘kettle’ lakes in the area, including Ossipee Lake that was carved out of glaciers during the ice ages and ancient volcanoes ring the area.  Some of the ponds are considered bottomless and may be connected to each other by volcanic vents.  It is said that UFO’s have been seen plunging into these deep ponds.”


October 5, 1959                     Atlantic Ocean, Portsmouth

“Admiral Hyman Rickover’s submarine, the SSN Sea Dragon detected an unidentified submerged object outside Portsmouth Harbor.”


1960 something                      Squam Lake

Witnesses were at Squam Lake and watched two UFO’s “performing practically over our heads.  After about three hours, one of them landed in the lake.  It was a dark, moonless night and all we could make out was sort of a big blob sitting there.  When we went to bed it was still there but gone in the morning.”


May 20, 1968                         Littleton

“At 3:00 am, on Monday morning, three young people whom the night officer later described as badly frightened, burst into the station house of the Littleton Police Department shouting about a red glow on the water and a thing that had scared them while they were fishing.  It was a few minutes before they were calm enough to tell their story.  A man and his wife and a friend saw something that they couldn’t identify that terrified them.  The officer took the three back to their fishing spot on Moore Lake, on Rte. 135.  At 1:00 am, when the three got there to fish for horned pout, it was quiet, dark and no moon.  After 2:00 am, a red glow could be seen about a quarter mile north of where they stood.  It was partly obscured by a rock ledge that extended out into the lake.  They noticed there weren’t any sounds.  No frogs croaking, no animals moving around in the woods, no noise at all.  The red glow moved from behind the rock ledges to right in front of them, about thirty feet out from the dock, the glow seemed to emanate from an object lying motionless in the water.  It was a whitish mound about two feet wide extending about a foot above the surface.  Just above the waterline on the object were two round markings, which looked like red glowing eyes.  Behind the mound was something bigger but they couldn’t make it out.  On impulse, one witness cast his lure at it.  As he reeled in, suddenly the object raced toward the dock.  He threw down his rod, and all three raced to the car.  The area around the dock was glowing red.  They sped off to the police station.  At 3:00 am, with the officer, they found the fishing rod on the ground.  There was still an eerie silence in the woods.  The red glow was gone.  Two other residents and workers at Moore Dam Electric Power Station had seen strange glowing red lights.”


July 4, 1969                            Ossipee

“The witness was fishing in a boat and heard a splash behind him.  As he swung around to investigate, he looked up to see a silver oval object about thirty feet diameter and about three hundred feet above him.  It rose to about three thousand feet and hovered.  There was a humming noise.  There was one other person that reported seeing it.”


October 3, 1971                     Derry

“Two discs descended on Rainbow Lake.  Independent witnesses, other sightings in area.”    


September 2, 1973                 Derry

“Police and fire fighters from east Derry were continuing a search last night at Rainbow Lake, in a remote section of Derry, for what several residents described as an unidentified flying object.  The Police Chief said several persons reported two bright round objects hovered over the lake, one dropping into the lake and the other speeding off into the west.  The objects were described as about three times larger than a steering wheel.  Derry firefighters scoured and dragged the lake by boat, searching for the object.”


January 10, 1977                   Wakefield

Around midnight, after a blizzard the witness “was looking out his window when he was surprised to see a hole in his pond.  The pond, one hundred and five feet by seventy-five feet, had been frozen solid the day before.  The hole was perfectly round and cut through fourteen inches of ice.  Eight inches of slush surrounded the hole, suggesting that something had melted through.  Peering into the hole and through clear water he saw something that looked like a one-foot square box.  He brought family members for a look at it.  He went to the barn to pick up a rake, a hoe and a pole, hoping to haul the thing to the surface.  Back at the pond, he saw the thing was in three feet of muck at the bottom.  Frustrated, he called a friend who arrived at 2:30 pm.  Concerned that they might be dealing with a radioactive satellite or aircraft debris, they called police who soon arrived with a local Civil Defense representative.  The Geiger counter indicated a reading alarmingly above normal.  They were warned to stay away from the water.  By 4:00 pm the circle of slush had expanded to ten feet.  At 2:00 am he woke up, alerted by his dog, and found three men at his pond.  The entire surface had turned to slush.  The State Deputy Civil Defense Director did Geiger counter readings.  The men left to notify their superiors and Governor Meldrim Thompson, Jr.  When the pond was observed a few hours later, a second hole was discovered about fifty feet from the original.  A fresh six-foot wide trench went from one hole to the other.  To all appearances, the object had entered one hole and left by the other.  Investigators tried unsuccessfully to drain the pond.  Observers watched and thought they saw the searchers retrieve a black object and place it in a van, which quickly left the area.  State authorities acted quickly to deflate the story.”

Autumn 1980                         Hillsborough

“Late one night in autumn, George H. was driving home from the Washington school, sixteen miles from Hillsboro on isolated Route 31.  Many people have sighted UFOs along this lonely stretch of road, and George himself had often seen lights that behaved oddly in the sky – diving steeply, zipping upward at stunning speeds, abruptly reversing directions.  Rounding a bend, he jammed on his brakes and stared in astonishment; blocking the road ahead was an incredible object. 

‘It looked like a child’s top, about twenty-five feet in diameter, about eighteen feet high,’ says George.  ‘It looked as though someone had strung Christmas tree lights around it and a revolving light protruded from the top.’

     Metallic-looking, noiseless, the object floated a few feet above the pavement.  Suddenly it slid off the road into a swamp.  As George watched, aghast, something like a submarine’s conning tower slid up from the top.  Then an object that looked like a child’s sliding board slowly slid out from the bottom, only to draw back in almost immediately.  For seconds the craft was motionless.  Then slowly, it floated upward to about forty feet over the ground.  And then it simply disappeared.  Whether it shot away too fast for his eye to follow or vanished in some other way, George does not know.”


September 30, 1982               Hampton                                                                               

 “A very important multiple witness, nocturnal close encounter occurred in this city located near Pease Air Force Base.  This large UFO descended silently from the tree top height of a low hill, down into a swamp area, going out of sight and out of possible radar coverage.  The two witnesses describe how they had run almost directly under the large, hovering, soundless UFO, which had a huge oval beam emanating downward from it.  Then while they stood transfixed (apparently under a degree of alien mind-control) during perhaps several seconds, one of them received a powerful telepathic communication.  The stunning chief part of the communication was from the witness understanding what the aliens were telling her, that there really are evil humans and that they are going to get rid of the evil human individuals.  The other of these two witnesses readily attested to the heavy impact that this communication had had on her friend in the weeks following the encounter.”


May 13, 1998                         Conway

“A doctor and his wife were boating on the lake near the North Conway mines.  They had paddled into a deep hidden canyon, entering between two huge boulders, which formed a narrow gateway.  Later they pulled the boat up to the beach and sat down for lunch.  They spotted two large, shiny, round craft floating above the water.  They both hid.  Both craft were fifty to sixty feet wide and about twenty feet thick.  Round, black edged ports covered the rim, spaced every four feet.  On the topsides, hatch covers were open and moving slowly around its surface were spindly creatures who moved in unison like robots.  On both ships, over their heads, from a central position, was a slowly rotating hoop shaped object.  When the hoop reached a point directly opposite the husband and wife, it stopped.  So did the creatures, they stared at the couple’s hiding place and remained motionless.  The couple hid until a deer approached the edge of the lake to drink.  They went for another look and the hoop was rotating again.  A creature below it operated it.  It wore a small scarlet head covering.  They were small and wore dark, close fitting suits and blue helmets. One creature placed a shiny green hose in the water, drawing in water and at the same time discharging something from another hose.  Again the hoop stopped and all the creatures froze. They stared toward the hiding couple, ducked down.  Moments later they inched up for another look.  Two hours later, dazed and confused, the couple ambled back to their boat unable to account for those two hours.”


August 2010                                       Lake Winnipesaukee           

“I have been thinking about something that happened a few months ago.  It was around the middle of August and I had taken a boat out on Lake Winnipesaukee one evening and saw something strange under the water.  I work as a marine mechanic at a local marina and spend a lot of time on the lake as part of my job and also to relax.  This night I had invited a few friends for an evening cruise on the lake.  It was around 9:30 pm as I drove the boat in a wide open area known as The Broads, where it’s at least one and a half miles to either shore on the left or right and no island or rock obstacles for about four miles and is one hundred-fifty to two hundred feet deep. We were cruising along at about 35 to 40 mph and I kept my attention on the water in front of me.  It was a calm, warm, beautiful evening.  I noticed something about one hundred feet in front of me that looked like a huge bright white light, about twenty feet wide, floating under the surface of the water.  I backed off the gas and tried to slow the boat down as we quickly traveled the short distance and the boat was now over the light.  I looked down into the water and saw that the light was sinking.  The deeper the light went, the smaller the light got until I couldn’t see it any longer.  I looked around to see if there had been a boat in distress or what could have caused that kind of light.  There was no sign of an accident; there was no floating debris or anybody floating in the water.  I looked around to see if there was any source of light from above that could cause that, but the moon wasn’t even bright and there weren’t any planes flying around.  There weren’t any lights from shore that could cause a reflection out in the middle of the lake.  I had no idea what it was.  Because I work at a marina, I usually hear about any boating mishaps on the lake, but in the weeks that followed, there has been nothing that I could match up with what I saw that night.”

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