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     There are several reports for one object witnessed by N.H. residents on Saturday, September 19, 2009 around 8:00 p.m.


     The official explanation is that NASA launched a sounding rocket from its Wallops Island, Virginia facility as part of an experiment to create artificial noctilucent clouds.  It was visible as far north as New Hampshire and Maine, and seen along the east coast.  The rocket was launched at 7:46 p.m., as a four stage rocket where each stage could be seen igniting one after another.  About four minutes after the launch, it released its charged aerosol payload to create artificial clouds, forming a bright cone shaped cloud visible for about one minute.


Here are the reports found:


September 19, 2009              Acadia National Park, Maine

“On Saturday night, Tyler Nordgren, Ph.D., Associate Prof. of Physics and Astronomy, was teaching a Nightsky Photography workshop at Acadia National Park in Maine. Several students were able to capture the event on film.

Photo by Nightsky Photography Workshop Photographer



September 19, 2009              Exeter

“Saturday night show:  NASA Black Brant XII/Care Launch 9-19-09.  The phones started ringing around 7:30 pm on Saturday night all along the U.S. Atlantic seaboard, police stations and news desks received reports of strange lights in the sky.  John A. Blackwell of Exeter, N.H. snapped a picture of the phenomenon.  ‘It was an impress display, to the naked eye; it was visible for about a minute.’  The cloud was created by a Black Brant XII sounding rocket.”


Photo: John A. Blackwell, Exeter



September 19, 2009              Dalton

“My friend and I were on Dalton Ridge in Dalton, N.H. when we observed what has been reported as a NASA rocket fired from Wallops Island, Virginia.  What we saw is identical to what is depicted in video footage.  Just odd that we could see an event that was happening more than six hundred miles away.”



September 19, 2009              Salem

“I’m not specifically reporting a UFO sighting; I’m reporting a strange white light in the southwestern sky at approx. 7:55 p.m., the light filtered downward into a conical shape and appeared misty (although the sky was perfectly cleared).  Viewed by myself, and eight neighbors sitting around a campfire.”

Source:  Sherri K.,


September 19, 2009              Meredith

“I was on Six-Mile Island in N.H. with seventeen other friends and we saw the same bright white light that filtered downward with the cone shaped misty light underneath.”

Source:  C.W.,


September 19, 2009              Wolfeboro

“Three people and I saw the cone like shape, exactly as the sighting specifies.  Could it be discharge from the space shuttle or space station?”

Source:  dand,


September 19, 2009              Milton

“We were on Townhouse Pond in Milton and saw the same exact thing.”

Source:  anonymous,


September 19, 2009              Salem

“My friends and I also saw this when sitting around a bonfire, it was the strangest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Source:  Robin,


September 19, 2009              Location unknown

“My sister was married at 7:00 on September 19.  We went to the dock to take pictures and when we were through; I looked up in the sky and saw the same thing.  Clouds came rushing in to cover it and then the sky cleared and it was gone.”

Source:  Julia,


September 19, 2009              Londonderry

“Sitting in the backyard looking at the stars and noticed a bright white light in the northeast section of the sky.  The light kept getting brighter and it was emanating in a downward direction in the shape of a cone (top of the cone being the brightest part of the light).  The bright part of the light didn’t move and remained in one spot.  The cone appeared to be made of gas/smoke evaporated over the next ten seconds or so.  My initial thought was something entering the atmosphere, but in the wrong direction.  Like something was exiting the atmosphere.”

Witness:  Jason F., submitted to


September 19, 2009              Salem

At 8:00 p.m., a “bright sphere of light with a glow below, triangular (like someone placed a flashlight in the sky).  Bright light hovered, then within one minute disappeared, glow disappeared as well, leaving haze which disappeared as well, leaving a clear night sky.  No sound was heard, no movement.”

Witness:  Marcie N.,


September 19, 2009              Contoocook

“My wife and I saw the exact same thing in Contoocook.  I could not get a distance, but it seemed to be less than a quarter mile away sending down a conical shaped light from a bright light that created some type of mist or fog.  It was not very high, maybe 400-500 ft. high, maybe lower.  It lasted 30-60 seconds and slowly faded; light first then conical glow.  The air cleared of mist/fog and we could see the stars.”

Witness:  Bruce I.,


September 20, 2009              Dover     

“Between Sanford, Maine and Dover, N.H.  The only thing I can equate to what I saw was a badminton shuttlecock.  White light in color.  One object, distance hard to tell.  Appeared to be going up.  The shuttlecock effect could have been the ‘afterburner’ of a craft.  I thought at first it might have been a comet.  However, it was too big and disappeared after about a minute.”

Witness:  Ralph J.,

Note from  Believe the date should be Sep. 19, not 20.  It matches all the other sightings for Sep. 19, 2009.


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