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          My experiences with UFOs have been as a witness and then for the last four years as a data researcher.  After collecting hundreds of sightings reports I noticed that no one place or I dare say - no one at all, has made any recent attempts to really concentrate exclusively on New Hampshire’s reports.  It requires being diligent about a goal and devoting endless hours to gathering, coordinating and analyzing a massive amount of information.


          When doing research of 1940’s sightings, I came across an article that called their unidentified objects “flying flapjacks”, as this was before we started calling them “flying saucers” or “UFO’s”.  I wanted to keep a degree of anonymity doing this web site project, so that’s why I chose to go by the name N.H. Flapjack.   Some people had no idea what the connection was. 


          I love it when people ask me questions!  It means my desire to educate and inform the public is working.  During my correspondences with people, I’m often asked some very intriguing questions, and while I don’t consider myself “qualified to give expert advice”, Here are a few of the questions I have been asked. 



Q.        Would it be possible to contact someone who had submitted a report, to get more information and just be able to talk about it, by email or telephone or meeting in person?  How can I follow up on a sighting that I read about that happened in my area?


A.          That’s a tough one to answer, because most witnesses request anonymity, and in order to keep the reports coming in from strangers, I have to respect someone’s request.  Yet, because I have the contact information, I can still contact these people, and with respect and discretion, initiate further correspondence.  This only applies to reports sent to, as the other reports are taken from web sites that are already posted as anonymous.  Some articles from newspapers and magazines will give the witnesses full name, and you can always pick up the telephone book and look for yourself.  Remember, most people only want to hear from you if you are sincerely serious.  There are so many phobias surrounding UFOs, that people will keep the sighting to themselves for fear of ridicule.  It’s not enough that a person’s life can be changed forever after seeing a UFO, now they have to deal with being laughed at.  The last thing they want is some UFO nut knocking at the door.  Fortunately, more brave people are coming forward and the subject is being taken seriously.  It should be.  If you have questions you’d like to ask about certain reports, contact me.  I’ll see what I can do.




             My UFO sighting prompted me to do an investigation for an article in my high school newspaper.  My quick questions are:


Q.          Do you believe that UFO sightings are much more common than the general public commonly believes?


A.          Yes.  Look at the wealth of information on this site.  On the Home Page is a quote from 1994, fifteen years ago, so I believe the numbers should be higher now, but it states, “Every year over 70,000 reports of UFO sightings come into research organizations around the world.  While it is true 9 out of 10 sightings are explainable, it is also true that only 1 in 10 is reported, and each year the number of reports increase.  Is this because there are more sightings?  Is it because more people are willing to come forward and report their sightings to researchers?” ( Source:  Michael Curta, 1994, found on   

           I would answer yes to his questions, too.  More people are coming forward because more people want answers.  As a researcher, after reading the details on these hundreds of reports, I think, why would these people make this stuff up?  For the most part, the general public scoffs and dismisses the subject, but there are the rest of us that have been affected in some way by UFOs.

          We all know that the news media is tightly regulated on what they can safely give to the public.  And still the general public is becoming more informed and aware because of the efforts of  maverick UFO researchers determined to spread the word.



Q.          On your web site, you have a list of NH UFO Hotspots.  What reasons would you give for why areas such as Manchester, Concord and Laconia have such a high number of UFO sightings?


A.           The UFOs have been coming here to New Hampshire for a very long time and there are places or hot spots that are affected more than others.  Trying to figure out why has been an extensive project for me.  I’ve concluded that Earth is a planet with a vast array of resources that can be gathered and exported to sustain life somewhere else.  So I looked at the availability of water, what is in the water, then certain minerals in the surrounding soil and rocks, and geographical locations.  I took a scientific approach about learning the properties, chemical composition and by-products of these resources.  But after all this time, nothing really makes any sense, but I have a few theories.  Cities like Manchester, Concord and Laconia have a higher population, and this helps explain why more sightings come from larger cities.  More people increases the chances of looking up and seeing the same thing at the same time and these people also have to be willing to report it.   There are quite a few reports of UFOs seen over areas where there are a lot of electrical power lines, most likely hovering and recharging their batteries.  These tend to be in populated areas.   It’s hard to say for sure why an area generates more sightings than another, but with more information being added to the archive; and more hours given to analyzing, theories will eventually take shape.



Q.          What is the most intriguing UFO case that you have run across over the years, and why?


A.           All UFO cases are interesting, but there have been a few that intrigued me to follow leads and it taught me to look at things differently and discover things I didn’t expect.   For example, this report was the first one that made me really want to know what the aliens were doing.


May 13, 1998                         North Conway Lake, North Conway

     “Doctor Gary Lincoff and his wife were boating on the lake near the North Conway mines.  They had paddled into a deep hidden canyon, entering between two huge boulders, which formed a narrow gateway.  Later they pulled the boat up to the beach and sat down for lunch.  They spotted two large, shiny, round craft floating above the water.  They both hid.  Both craft were fifty to sixty feet wide and about twenty feet thick.  Round, black edged ports covered the rim, spaced every four feet.  On the topsides, hatch covers were open and moving slowly around its surface were spindly creatures who moved in unison like robots.  On both ships, over their heads, from a central position, was a slowly rotating hoop shaped object.  When the hoop reached a point directly opposite the husband and wife, it stopped.  So did the creatures, they stared at the couple’s hiding place and remained motionless.  The couple hid until a deer approached the edge of the lake to drink.  They went for another look and the hoop was rotating again.  A creature below it operated it.  It wore a small scarlet head covering.  They were small and wore dark, close fitting suits and blue helmets.  One creature placed a shiny green hose in the water, drawing in water and at the same time discharging something from another hose.  Again the hoop stopped and all the creatures froze. They stared toward the hiding couple, ducked down.  Moments later they inched up for another look.  Two hours later, dazed and confused, the couple ambled back to their boat unable to account for those two hours.”               



          So they were taking water from the lake.  Were they taking it for themselves because all life forms need to consume water?  Do they need to shower and flush toilets?   Do they do something with the water and convert it into an energy source?   


          Then there’s this report:


November 4, 1973                 Goffstown                                                                 

     “A brushing sound against their house awakened witness and his wife.  He observed two self-luminous, silver suited beings about four to five feet tall, sixty feet away in the back yard.  They had oversized pointed ears with dark, egg shaped eyeholes and large noses, all encased in the silver coverall.  They had on silver boots with upturned toes.  One figure held a flashlight like object, while the other picked up things from the ground and put them in a silver bag.  Their movements were slow, but deliberate.  The family dog, trained as a guard dog, was ordered to attack them, but halted when thirty feet away.  It made some lunges at them and then walked back and lay down, whining on the kitchen floor.  Witness had observed a silver saucer shaped object about five hours earlier that night.”     




          I wanted to know what it was that he put in his silver bag.  He picked things up from the ground.  Rocks?  Seeds?  Then there’s another report (that I can’t seem to locate at the moment) where the aliens were picking leaves off the trees and putting them in little bags.   That’s when I started finding out about water, rocks, minerals and local plant life.  I found good scientific reasons why each one of these things is desirable.  The water can be used for fuel by extracting the radon that’s in the water.  We already have the technology that takes the radon out of the water and breaks it down to three isotopes.  One of those isotopes, when concentrated, is used to generate velocity.  The problem for us humans is that the machines to do this extraction process are very big and very expensive, and probably not something we’d rely on in the near future. And  northern New Hampshire has huge amounts of radon in the water.  Now remember, that if the aliens were smart enough to get here, they were smart enough to pack a portable extraction device to refuel them.  Their devices are hundreds of years ahead of our big and bulky technology.  Certain rocks and minerals have piezoelectric properties, which mean it reacts to heat and is important for applications in electronics as conductors, and have been used for years already in pressure devices; used in depth sounding apparatus and devices that detect and measure variations in pressure.  Some rocks are good for lenses or optical applications, and light blocking filters.  I realized that the leaves and plant matter collected could be analyzed to calculate the effects of environmental toxins or maybe, simply needed to make an herbal tea remedy as they also need plants for medicinal or nutritional supplements.   These are subjects that I hope to expand upon in future articles for the UFO Science section.

         These cases were intriguing to me because the aliens were seen collecting things and I wanted to know why these things are important to them. 

-          N.H. Flapjack, research editor of nhufo.


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