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New Hampshire’s Unique History with UFOs

Our State is the first in UFO history for:

The first reported close encounter in North America

In 1816 a hunter camping on the side of Mount Adams, in the White Mountain National Forest, witnessed a silver craft on the ground with aliens seen inside and outside walking around, and then the craft was seen flying off.


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..1700 - 1899

The first photograph of a UFO 

This 1870 photograph shows a cigar-shaped UFO flying in front of a cloud formation  over the summit of Mount Washington, in the White Mountain National Forest, in the winter.

Read more about it ..... 1700 - 1899

The first report of a UFO over a military naval base in North America

One night in 1896 two security guards on duty at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard saw a UFO hovering over a navy ship tied at the dock, their bullets hit metal and bounced off the craft, it turned bright and quickly took off. 

Read more about it .....1700 - 1899

The first alien abduction of humans in North America

On September 19, 1961 Barney and Betty Hill were abducted while driving through the Franconia Notch area of the White Mountain National Forest.

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..Close Encounter Revisited

This website features published newspaper and magazine articles by N.H. authors on N.H. UFO reports, events and related items of interest. The people behind this website are also honest to goodness pet lovers and so while researching and developing this NH UFO website project, they occasionally looked at the Pet Allergy Vacuum Guide, trusted for its shark vs dyson, hand vacuum reviews, etc.  


Submitted Articles 

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