In the mid-seventies, "a married couple was staying on a lake in N.H.  Early one evening, upon exiting their cabin, they were shocked to discover a large metal disc with three lights on the underside hovering above the water in front of them, gently rotating.  They watched in awe for a moment and then it suddenly departed in the blink of an eye."

 Source:  www.virtuallystrange.net


1970's                                    Exeter

"The teacher left downtown Exeter one evening and headed along the Newmarket Road toward home.  Following the Squamscott River, she had almost reached the narrow railroad trestle bridge near the town forest when between the trestle and the river loomed a large UFO, about the distance of two football fields away.  She described it as 'very big and very bright with a round bottom,' and said it was 'both exciting and scary.'  She rushed home and retrieved her husband, but when they returned to the location the craft was gone."

Source:  www.seacoastonline.com


1970's                                    Stratham

"The present Holmgren Road area off Bunker Hill Avenue was back then a favorite sledding spot known by locals as 'the old hollow.'  Late on a snowy afternoon Tim Perry, a rough and tumble 10 year old, his sister and three chums were enjoying some fast sledding on the icy hill, when a bright, glaring aerial craft with white, green and red lights alternately flashing, descended onto the field across the road where Bob Wiggin Sr. planted his potatoes.  'It was late afternoon-just getting dark,' says Perry.  'We saw a big light all of a sudden.  It came out of nowhere, almost noiseless."  Hearts racing and 'out of our minds,' the little band grabbed their sleds and ran for home.  'It scared the bejeezus out of us,' says Perry.  Perry recalls the UFO was roundish or slightly footballish, a shape he had never seen in an aircraft.  It was not enormous.  'It stayed on the ground for maybe 10 seconds, went up slow, then phoom, it was gone,' he says.  It ascended at a 45-degree angle and went from 0 to 10,000 feet in 10 seconds - 'that quick.'”

Source:  www.seacoastonline.com


January 5, 1970                   Candia

At 9:00 pm, “I was taking a late night walk on a cold calm January night.  I passed between a barn and house following Old Tote Road used by snowmobiles.  I entered woods bordering both sides of the trail.  I had gone about fifty feet and in front of me, possibly fifty yards ahead; I saw three large circular lights.  I only saw the lights.  They were blue and red and blinked in some timed fashion.  I don’t remember hearing anything.  It appeared as if wind was blowing around the lights, yet no sound.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org


January 20, 1970                 Danville

"My sister and I were sliding in the snow on the back road when this egg-like object landed about a quarter mile away.  It stayed down for about fifteen minutes, came up and hovered above the trees for five minutes.  Then it shot straight up so fast, like a flash.  Then an air force fighter plane flew over so close we could see the pilot and his gear.  By then the object was long gone.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org


Summer 1970

Between 9:00 and 9:30 pm, “Seen over mountain ranges on way home from Maine to Massachusetts.  I was looking at the stars from the back of my parents station wagon…it was dark, the sky was very clear and there were no other aircraft in the area.  Suddenly what looked like a star moved very fast, it went from east to west.  I watched this UFO for twenty-five minutes.  It traveled from one place to another in split seconds.  Another of the same shape then came vertically and joined the first and then a third came and they joined together one on top and two on the bottom like a triangle.  They stayed together for about three to five minutes and then all three went up and vanished as fast as you could blink an eye.  My aunt was also in the car and saw this.  The next morning I called the air force and they laughed at me!  Also these craft had the ability to stop and hover as well as change directions very quickly.” 

Source:   www.ufosoveramerica.com


July 1970                              Gilford

“While driving on Dockham Shore Road, near Lake Winnipesaukee, two teenage witnesses saw a six foot luminous form cross the road directly ahead of them.  It was completely white and moved from a heavily forested area.  It moved slowly but had no apparent legs; it did not seem to walk, but to glide.  The girls saw it for only a matter of seconds, as it crossed the road in front of them.  The witnesses drawing show a kind of peanut shaped form."

 Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


Summer 1970                       Dover

"Around 1:00 am, a husband and wife were on their way home and as their car came around a bend in the road they saw a UFO sitting in a field on the side of the road.  There were red and white lights blinking that went around the outside of the craft.  They were both afraid and did not stop their car to look at it.  They continued driving and were too afraid to report it.  The field had a section where grass did not grow for many years."

Source:  www.nhufo.org


November 1970 - September 1972     Bethlehem and other locations

Preliminary data strongly suggests a connection between magnetic/electromagnetic anomalies and the genuine UFO events.  The purpose of the project was two-fold:  1) to act as an early warning system for presence of magnetic anomalies and early visual anomalistic target acquisition.  Automatic and manually operated devices acquired data.  A series of experiments called the MADAR Project was conducted in New Hampshire from November 1970 to September 1972.  The project logged twenty-two good events out of six hundred, fifty-nine with thirteen detector sites.  The sensitivity in these cases was very high, with no way of analyzing data such as magnitude or duration.

Source:  www.setv.org


February 1971                      Gorham

At 7:00 pm, "I looked at a bright light move over a mountain from in front of my house.  The light was steady, not blinking, no noise.  It had very angular movements.  It moved slowly but erratic.  I watched for five minutes.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org


May 31, 1971                        Newmarket

At 1:10 pm, “Two witnesses sighted a gray-white egg-shaped object hovering in an upright orientation a few feet above the ground.  It had dark portholes around its’ perimeter, and was in plain view, in front of some trees.  It was seen for a few minutes before shooting straight up and out of sight. It was in a country field near a swamp and railroad tracks.”

Source:  www.Project1947.com


Fall 1971                               Rochester

"During the early fall of 1971 my mom, dad, girlfriend and I were traveling north on Rte. 16, down Rochester Hill and spotted a UFO in the area of WWNH radio stations three antenna towers.  It appeared as a small orange disc in the distance, made no sound and did not flash.  It moved instantly to a position over our vicinity to a distant spot, hovered again and then returned.  My mom and girlfriend panicked and wanted to be brought home, so we rushed them home and my dad and I returned.  The UFO had disappeared by the time we had returned.  We went home and called the police to see if other reports had been filed.  We were told they would investigate our report and did not comment on other reports."

Source:  www.winnipesaukee.com


September 6, 1971              Derry

"Observers had other sightings in the area of Rainbow Lake."

Source:  www.virtuallystrange.net


October 3, 1971                   Derry

"Two discs descended on Rainbow Lake.  Independent witnesses, other sightings in area.”

Source:  www.waterufo.net


Winter 1971                                       Stratham

“On a wintry eve in 1971, three Stratham lads fired up their racing snow machines and departed from one of the youth’s Stratham Heights Road homes.  Cutting across the Goodrich Farms Fields, the boys turned onto a woods trail leading to Bunker Hill Ave...as they reached the vicinity of the old Sanderson gravel pit, looming just above and nearly touching a high power electrical line was the catalyst to heart-pounding, primal fear-a UFO.”

Source: www.features@seacoastonline.com, by Dean Merchant


January 5, 1972                   East Kingston

At 11:45 pm, "Five witnesses came upon the oval object while snowmobiling through a field, which was intersected by railroad tracks.  It glowed with a yellowish light and hovered about ten feet above the tracks at a distance of three hundred feet.  It rose vertically and descended behind the trees.  There was no noise."

Source:  www.Project1947.com


May 13, 1972                       Canterbury

"There were four separate sightings, one had three witnesses, two had two witnesses and one had one witness.  A top-shaped object with yellow and red lights created a colored vertical exhaust descended with a falling-leaf motion to treetop level and disappeared behind trees in a large swamp.  There was a buzzing sound."  

Source:  www.Project1947.com


May 13, 1972                                 Canterbury

Shortly after 9:30 pm “Four young boys who were camping out observed a very bright light source descending slowly.  The object then descended in a ‘sideways, zigzag’ manner.  The object slowed its descent and began to move directly over the boys.  The boys could see that the object was not a helicopter and turned and ran to the home of one of the boys.  The boys, asked individually to describe the object, said it looked like an octahedron-shaped object that appeared to be tilted at a 45-degree angle.  The object had four pipe-like legs with ‘round pads’ affixed to the end of each leg.  As the object passed directly over the boys, they observed a flashing red light on the object’s trailing side.  A fiery ten foot long exhaust appeared beneath the object and seemed to change colors.  The boys described a number of bright, silver, inverted u-shaped cable-like things sticking into the top of the object.  According to the witnesses the object passed over them at an altitude of approximately 150 feet.  They described its size as between one and two car-lengths in both height and width.”

Source: www.nicap.org/chrono.htm


July 1972                              Chesterfield

"I was about 12 years old and visiting a neighbor up the hill.  My sister was 11 years old.  The neighbor was 30ish and her son was 19 years old.  My sister and I were leaving to go home around 8:00 pm.  We all walked outside, as we always did, and her son pointed to an object in the sky.  We saw a large cigar shaped object emitting light and hovering above us in the sky.  It made no sound.  We moved toward the backyard (which was a small field) in order to see it better.  It started to descend right over us, like it saw us looking at it.  It got larger and larger but there was no way to really judge the size or how close it was, but it seemed bigger than the neighbor’s house.  It descended slowly and blocked out the stars in the sky.  It felt like it was right on top of us.  Then, without warning, the object shot straight up in the sky at a speed that was astounding.  It became the size of a softball and bright white in the sky.  It stopped and angled right and zipped away so fast that you could only follow it for a few seconds.  Then it was gone.  A minute or so later, we heard and saw several air force jets from Pease Air Force Base flying in the same direction the object retreated.  The sound of the jets made us realize that the object that we had just witnessed had no sound to it at all.”

 Source:  www.nuforc.org


March 28, 1973                    Center Harbor

Three Belknap College astronomy students reported sighting an unidentified flying object.  They reported it was seen from the observatory as they were looking south towards the Belknap mountain range.  They said the UFO was observed from 8:15 to 8:40 pm Wednesday night through a 12.5-inch reflector, a six-inch reflector and a pair of 7 x 35 binoculars.  The object was dark red in color according to the students and was about the size of Saturn as seen through a telescope.  They said it appeared to be pulsating and rotating at one-second intervals but was stationary at times.

Source:  Laconia Citizen, March 30, 1973, pg, 1, 2


Spring 1973                                         Dixville, Colebrook, Kidderville

“Between Colebrook and Kidderville, we saw a triangle shaped object, like a stealth, but it was absolutely quiet.  It was a clear night and we noticed the craft moving across the sky.  It appeared to have running lights, bright blue; they didn’t flash, but stayed on.  It continued slowly over Dixville, went over the Notch by Balsalms and was too slow for a jet and there was no white streamer behind it.  It was seen for a great distance and was seen for about five minutes.”

Source:  www.nhufo.org


July 1973                              Gilmanton

At 7:45 pm, "a large round cylinder hovered over a house for thirty minutes.  It appeared to be discharging electrical impulses, like a sparkler."

Source:  www.nuforc.org


August 9, 1973                     Exeter

"A father and his son were driving home in the Exeter area when they saw a landed UFO alongside the highway.  A tall humanoid figure stood next to the object.  The witness drove by without stopping." 

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


September 1973                  Lancaster

A machinery inspector went outside and saw a glowing ball, like a ball of fireflies, five hundred yards away.  He began to walk toward it, upon which it burst into seven smaller units that silently and rapidly approached him, glowing alternately red, white and green.  They stopped about one hundred feet away and five hundred feet up. They were six to nine feet diameter.  Realizing that there were aliens inside the glowing balls, he asked, ‘Why me?’  Telepathically he heard an answer, ‘Why not you?’  After ten to fifteen minutes he ran back to his house, loaded his camera and returned with his son and a shotgun.  His son carried a 22-caliber rifle.  The luminous objects were now one hundred fifty feet away, at thirty-five feet up, in a group of four, and another in a group of three.  He heard a telepathic question, ‘Are you going to shoot us?’  He replied, ‘No.’ Then a beam of light appeared at his feet and passed over his whole body, pausing at sites of old injuries.  He thought they were taking an x-ray of him or Xerox copy.  The intensity of the beam was increased to a point where he felt very uncomfortable.  When he complained it was reduced.  Meanwhile he was carrying on a telepathic conversation.

He was imprinted with a new world of friendly alien beings.  They showed him pictures of glass like cities, energy systems and components.  They warned against nuclear energy, as dangerous.  About an hour passed and the objects had come very close.  He realized that they wanted him and his son to go with them.  He raised his hands in protection; the objects immediately returned to their former position, and after a few minutes, disappeared.

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


September 2, 1973              Derry

"Police and fire fighters from east Derry were continuing a search last night at Rainbow Lake, in a remote section of Derry, for what several residents described as an unidentified flying object.  Police Chief Edward Garone said several persons reported two bright round objects hovered over the lake, one dropping into the lake and the other speeding off into the west.  The objects were described as about three times larger than a steering wheel.   Derry firefighters scoured and dragged the lake by boat, searching for the object.”      

Source:  Manchester Union Leader, Sep. 3, 1973


September 5 or 6 or 7, 1973   Epping

“It was Labor Day weekend when Janet Jillette, her son and her son’s friend were riding their bicycles on Route 87 in Epping at night.  Jillette said she suddenly saw a large oval object with bright lights, in the sky, move back and forth very quickly.”

Source: www.ufo1.com, www.fosters.com



September 6, 1973              Plymouth

At 7:00 pm,      “There are reports of unidentified flying objects.  Whether it was a UFO or not, a strange object was seen in the western sky.  It did not appear to be a plane and it was moving very slowly.  No wings and no lights.  It appeared to be like a long, thin, silver pencil in the sky and took no definite course, almost hovering.  It was seen for about one minute.  It appeared to be moving downward, somewhat counter clock-wise before it suddenly vanished.” 

Source:  Laconia Evening Citizen, Sep. 11, 1973, pg. 3


September 15, 1973            Dover

"Just after dusk two college students were outside emptying trash behind their apartment building.  Both noticed a bright white light in the sky, fairly low on the horizon.  It was maneuvering in an unusual zigzag pattern, right to left across the sky.  Its motion was rapid and very smooth.  It was too far away to hear anything.  After a few minutes the lights changed color from white to multicolored and began to blink, similar to strands of Christmas chaser lights.  After watching it zigzag for eight minutes the object suddenly came to a dead stop.  It began to move rapidly toward them with incredible speed, lights still blinking.  It was saucer shaped.  The lights surrounded the center and appeared to encircle the circumference of it.  There was no sound.  It just advanced with incredible speed.  Fear got the better of them and they ran back into their building."

Source:  www.mufon.com


October 1973                                     Northwood

“One night we noticed that there was light in the woods behind our house.  We both (friend) looked out and observed that a section of the woods, very close to our house was lit up.  There was no beam of light or light source visible.  No sound was associated with the light.  It struck us as very odd and mysterious as we could not figure out what the light was nor where it was coming from.”

Source:  www.nhufo.org 


October 1, 1973                                Dover                                                                   

“It was the typical saucer-shape, somewhat more angular than rounded.  It was dark; saucer appeared to be a dark metallic substance, banks of lights circling the entire machine around the center.  Lights were white in color.  I am not good at estimating size, but it was probably twice the size of a large helicopter.  It was a clear fall night and my husband, James, and I were sitting outside looking at the stars behind our apartment building.  We spotted one star in the distance that started moving horizontally across the sky.  Movement was rapid.  I blinked my eyes and the object moved from the far right to far left of my field of vision in the sky.  We were fascinated and kept watching for several minutes, then the object appeared to somehow be aware of us watching.  Very abruptly it stopped in the center of the horizon and then rapidly came towards us across the sky.  I had the sense it was looking back at me…one light on the circumference of the machine acted more as a searchlight aimed in our general direction.  The machine made absolutely no sound at any time; just traveled very quickly…its fast approach scared both of us and we ran back into the building.”

Source:  www.myufo.com


October 2, 1973                  Derry

"A search of Rainbow Lake has failed to turn up an unidentified flying object which was reported falling into the lake at 8:13 pm.  Firemen searched the lake in boats and a police spokesman said it was believed the UFO was probably a meteorite."     

Source:  Laconia Evening Citizen, Oct. 3, 1973, pg. 2

Another report – same sighting:

“At about eight at night, at least a few people witnessed two small, whitish-yellow glowing orbs, about two feet round, performing maneuvers.  The two objects then descended towards Rainbow Lake and, once above it, one of them fell straight down and splashed into the water.  The other soared upwards and vanished.  The local fire department searched the lake by boat for two hours but found nothing.  They chose not to drag the lake bottom.”

Source:  home.pacbell.net/joerit/ufocrash.html


November 2, 1973              Goffstown

At 2:45 am, "a witness encountered a yellow orange globe in front of her car late at night on Rte. 114.  It had a honeycomb design except for an oval window through which she saw the upper part of a figure.  The head was gray, the body darker.  The skin was wrinkled, the eyes large, dark, egg shaped and slanted.  She felt drawn to the UFO but dashed to a nearby house to escape.  She may have had telepathic communication.  There is a period of possible missing time"              

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


November 4, 1973              Goffstown

"A brushing sound against their house awakened witness and his wife.  He observed two self-luminous, silver suited beings about four to five feet tall, sixty feet away in the back yard.  They had oversized pointed ears with dark, egg shaped eyeholes and large noses, all encased in the silver coverall.  They had on silver boots with upturned toes.  One figure held a flashlight like object, while the other picked up things from the ground and put them in a silver bag.  Their movements were slow, but deliberate.  The family dog, trained as a guard dog, was ordered to attack them, but halted when thirty feet away.  It made some lunges at them and then walked back and lay down, whining on the kitchen floor.  Witness had observed a silver saucer shaped object about five hours earlier that night."

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com



“Later that summer, while on the way to a campsite in Colebrook, N.H., the family saw a gigantic object seemingly take off from a mountainous area at about 11:30 pm.  Very few aircraft are seen at all in this desolate, remote area.  They reported the incident to a priest, who told them that many strange things had been seen in the Colebrook area, but that witnesses were reluctant to publicize their experiences.”

Source:  UFO Testament by Raymond Fowler, pg. 330, 331


February 13, 1974                       Barrington

“A student from the University of New Hampshire reported observing a cigar-shaped object that appeared to have brilliant white lights on both sides.  The witness further described the UFO as having an elongated dome on top with a red light toward the front.  The craft moved slowly but with controlled maneuvers and then suddenly sped completely out of sight.”

Source: www.nicap.org


February 13, 1974                            Durham

“The incident took place on Route 4, west of Durham.  We were driving home from school with our cat and dog in the car, and I believe it was between 7:30 and 8:30 pm.  I was driving.  We were not too far from Durham, heading towards a traffic circle that is still there.  It seems to me like it might be called the Lee traffic circle, but I am not sure.  There was a small bank on the left side of the highway and tall pine trees on the bank.  We saw a ship heading perpendicular to the highway, just above the top of the trees.  It was just off to the left of the road and so passed right in front of our car as we drove towards it.  After it crossed the road we were even with it, or beyond it, and I couldn’t see it as I was watching the road…it disappeared in an instant.  The ship appeared to be a dull gray color.  It had what looked to be windows from halfway back the craft, extending around to the front and there was bright white light coming from each one of these windows.  We could see a tiny point of bright red light inside, towards the front of the craft.  A spotlight was coming down from the front tip of the craft.  It made no sound…my best guess is that it was about 30 feet in length.  It was flat on the bottom and had a gently sloping domed shape top that tapered towards each end.”

Source:  www.nhufo.org


February 13, 1974                            Northwood

 At 9:00 pm, “We parked our cars right by the lake in a cleared area with a pine tree in the middle of it.  We had a small dock that went out onto the lake.  On this particular night, as we pulled into our parking space-which meant we were facing the lake-something came down out of the sky, very low and right in front of-above us, but over the water.  It was moving so fast that we couldn’t see anything but a bunch of big red lights, all of which were flashing.  It made a 90 degree angle movement in the air, lightening fast and was gone.  No sound.”

Source:  www.nhufo.org


February or March 1974                Northwood

“We noticed a light in the woods again.  It was 10 o’clock at night and we were in our jammies.  The camp had a narrow rectangular window that cranked out and it was at the height of our heads when we stood in front of it.  One of us noticed the light and then we both stood in front of the window watching it.  It was about the size of a small beach ball and it was bobbing around in one place, no sound.  It was about a tenth of a mile from our place in the woods…then as we watched it, it began to move towards us making a humming sound and getting larger and larger.  I noticed as it moved that though the woods were thick, it never seemed to be blocked out.  I could always see the ball in its entirety.  It got really, really close to the window, by which time it was huge!  Maybe 12 to 15 feet away from the window and the same distance across in size.  There was no way we could just stand there, as this light came into our face (no heat or pain from the light, by the way), so we broke from the window in terror.  We ran into our rooms and got our clothes on.  We then called the neighbors down the road-the house with three guys-and one of them came down to our house.  By that time the light had resumed its original place and size in the woods.  He saw it and said he heard a sound while in his house that seemed like the sound the light made when it moved.  The light was in the woods across from his house at the point we first and then later saw it.  While the three of us watched, we heard three loud bangs, like a gun going off, coming from the direction of the light.”

Source:  www.nhufo.org


April 28, 1974                       Greenland

At 1:10am,   “Near Pease Air Force Base a low flying, orange UFO was seen by a male witness, who reported it to Portsmouth police.  It looked like a hockey puck.” 

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


May19, 1974                         Hillsborough

At 9:00 pm,      “A mother, daughter and son watched a bright object in the sky, about one quarter mile away.  It hovered for a while, and then moved into a nearby forest.  No evidence of a landing was found."

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


May 20, 1974                        Hampton Beach

Around 12:30 am, "a young man was swimming in the ocean when he saw a domed disc shaped object approach from the ocean.  It landed on the beach about eighty yards away.  It had a domed bulge above and below the central rim, and was about fifty feet in diameter.  It stood on four legs and had several lights on the main body of the object.  It also gave off heat and emitted a humming or pulsating sound.  A hatch folded down and a ramp slid out, a motor like noise could be heard.  A six-foot tall occupant emerged down the ramp.  It was dressed in a head to foot light colored coverall, two hoses ran from the chin area to behind the head, with one hose running down the back.  It stepped onto the sand briefly, and then reentered the object.  It ascended and moved off out to over the ocean.  The witness searched the landing site and found a deep rose colored paste-like, thick liquid in the four deep landing marks.  He also found a spot of red where the hatch had opened.  Traces had been obliterated by the tide the following morning before investigators could gather samples."

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


June 6, 1974                                       South Hampton

At 9:30 pm, “a family driving along Route 150 encountered a structured object with a row of body lights.  They fled in fear with the object following.  When they stopped, the object hovered with a ‘bobbing, fluttering motion’ above the adjacent field.  The body lights flickered and changed color from yellow-green to bright red to pink, then dark green and deep blue.  The lights dimly illuminated a bowl-shaped undersurface.  When the object began to descend as if to land the witnesses again became frightened and fled.”

Source: Christian Science Monitor, Aug. 2, 1974


June 14, 1974                       Nashua

“A maneuvering disc shaped object was seen by independent witnesses; four independent times at 12:30, 12:35, 12:50 and 2:00 am.”

Source:  Center for UFO Studies, case files, July 17, 1974


Summer 1974                       Gilford

"I recall vacationing at the lake about twenty-five to thirty years ago.  One night while looking at the stars from the boathouse we saw a UFO.  Our camp was near the Gilford/Alton border.  There was a solid yellow light, much brighter than any star, seemingly north of Diamond Island, fairly low.  It stayed stationary for well over five minutes, then began to drift south slowly.  It suddenly picked up speed and sped away, silently and unbelievably quickly to the south.  Within this time frame, as I recall, the newspaper reported that a couple of State Police officers were on I-93 and they saw a UFO.  It hovered over them and they reported it being able to make it come closer or recede via turning their lights on.”

Source:  www.winnipesaukee.com


Summer 1974                                    Somersworth

“While serving as police officer in Somersworth on a seemingly quiet summer morning about 0230 hours a sonic type boom was heard and felt by my sergeant and partner at the station house.  Shortly after, a resident called in a report of a bright orange ball floating around in the sky up by our city parks and playground.  Upon checking the area I was reluctant to call back from the patrol car that I too saw the object.  The object was reported by seventeen police officers in a two county area all that morning.  It would disappear from view only to be seen in Exeter a split second later, which is about twenty miles away.”

Source:  google group blog:  de.alt.ufo


August 11, 1974                   Tilton

There is a Tilton police department dispatch recording made during an incident of a domed disc approaching a police car.  As the officers signaled the object, it began to signal back.  Before the incident was over, three separate UFO’s were observed.  Voices on the tape include officers from Tilton, Belmont and Gilford.  They were parked near the Sanbornton exit when they noticed a very bright flickering star.  There were blue, red, yellow, green and white flashing lights.  When the officers turned the blue light on the cruiser on, the object moved back and forth, then coming closer, within one thousand yards.  It was saucer shaped.  When they turned off the blue light, it returned to its original position.  The Belknap County Sheriff’s Department, Belmont and Gilford Police also sent officers to witness the sighting.  They saw two more bright lights toward the northwest, and another in the east.  They thought they could see shooting stars but they seemed to travel parallel to the ground and didn’t burn out, and were setting up some triangular pattern and there was light was traveling between the three points.  Around 5:00 am they observed a fourth object.  It was rising after hovering low to the ground.

Alden said the UFO went straight up in the air then south at a high rate of speed."        

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


August 11, 1974                    Franklin

At 4:00 am, "Franklin Police revealed they had spotted an object directly over the city."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 12, 1974, pg. 1, 2


mid-August 1974                              Franklin

At 9:30 pm, “Dave and Phyllis Knecht saw a large white light moving in the sky.  When he turned the porch lights on and off several times, the UFO made a U-turn and headed toward the house; then, when they thought it was going to crash into the house, it shot away again.  At 11:30 pm they saw two white and one blue and green lights, which maneuvered for twenty minutes, after which one of them hovered over a nearby dairy farm.  At 1:00 am when they last went out, it was still there; then they both heard peculiar footsteps, sounding ‘like the sound you would get if you break fresh lettuce for a salad,’ or ‘walking with boots filled with water.’  Dave pushed Phyllis into the house.  Looking over his shoulder, he saw a grayish-white figure across the road; it was short (about 5 ft. tall) and ‘had limbs.’  Frightened, he turned on all the lights of the house.  Phyllis heard the ‘weird’ footsteps again, but saw nothing.”

Sources:  Humcat 1974-90, www.ufoinfo.com


August 11, 1974                    Gilford

At 9:30 pm, “Famous actress Barbara BelGeddes and her husband, Laurence Hugo were sitting on the porch and called an unusual object in the sky to his attention.  He thought it was Mars because the object was red and looked like a star.  She saw it move and they watched it through field glasses for an hour and a half.  The object was just above the tree line and during the time they watched, it seemed to move about twenty feet on a slant away.  They noticed a green and a red light.”

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 14, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 11, 1974                    Meredith

"Meredith police reported an Officer saw an unidentified flying object over Leavitt Park last night at 10:30 pm.  He contacted the Sheriff’s office.  The Sheriff’s office also witnessed the object hovering.  It remained visible for over an hour before disappearing."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 12, 1974, pg. 1, 2


August 12, 1974                    Laconia

"At 8:40 pm, police received a report of two lighted objects over Varney Court.  They were round, dome shaped.  At 9:04 pm, another report came in of the two objects hovering over Boulia-Gorrell Lumber Company."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 13, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 12, 1974                    Laconia

"A member of the Evening Citizen staff and a resident of North Street said there were about twenty residents of the area watching the antics of the UFO’s over Paugus Bay.  They saw three of them in the sky making X maneuvers; it looked like they were playing.  People in cars were stopping on Weirs Boulevard to view them."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 13, 1974


August 12, 1974                    Meredith

At 10:15 pm, "There were reports of two sightings for the second time in as many nights.  A report from Brickyard Mountain Inn said a bright object appeared hovering in the sky and then left real fast.  Officers in cruisers responded to the scene of the sightings and observed objects with blue, green, red and yellow lights, which hovered and then moved rapidly toward Sanbornton.  An Officer reported sighting an object with a steady green light, which moved at a high rate of speed and saw two very bright lights falling."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 13, 1973, pg. 1, 3


August 13, 1974                    Laconia

At 9:24 pm, "Sightings were reported by two inspectors of the Division of Safety Services (Marine Patrol) over Paugus Bay, Lake Winnipesaukee starting at 9:24 pm .  The first sighting was reported off Bear Island, a bright colored object seemed to be hovering over him.  He said it was larger than any star and it left at a rapid rate of speed towards the Glendale and Alton area.  He couldn’t tell how far away the object was and when it did leave it moved at a 45-degree angle at a far greater speed than an airplane or a satellite.  No trail was observed behind the object, as there would have been behind a meteor.  The inspector waited for fifteen minutes and saw three or four objects heading in a northeast direction towards Melvin Village.  Another boat was radioed and both met near Long Island where they saw another object headed west.  The object was very large and cast a multicolored glow, but was moving slower than the first.  None of them had any sound.  The inspectors waited near Sandy Island and observed still another object in the vicinity of the Big Dipper.  They turned on the flashing light on their boats and said they thought the object appeared to change course and changed course again when the lights were shut off."

Source:   The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 14, 1974, pg. 1


August 14, 1974                   Lake Winnipesaukee

"The Division of Safety Services (Marine Patrol) also reported sightings over the lake.  At 9:09 pm a UFO was spotted between Governors Island and Eagle Island.  A boating inspector reported seeing a pulsating white light moving toward Meredith.  At 9:12, 9:49 and 10:11 pm it was sighted."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 15, 1974, pg. 1


August 14, 1974                   Laconia

At 9:49 pm, "two white objects were reported over One Mill Plaza with one of them moving up towards Weirs Beach.  After the first object got to the beach, the second object took off and followed."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 15, 1974, pg. 3


August 14, 1974                   Gilford

"A group of fifteen young people said they saw a saucer shaped object through a telescope while observing from Liberty Hill.  There was a red light on the front and a yellow-white light at the rear of the object.  It was seen for three minutes.  It moved east to northeast, floating across the sky.  It appeared to be a mile away and a couple of thousand feet in the air."        

Source: The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 15, 1974, pg. 3


August 14, 1974                   Meredith

At 10:27 pm, “Two white objects were reported near Brickyard Mountain Inn moving toward Meredith at a high rate of speed.  It was reported the objects seen over the city (Laconia) took sixty seconds to disappear over Meredith."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 15, 1974, pg. 3


August 15, 1974                   Gilmanton

A sheriff’s deputy and a reporter “waited for hours in a field to view UFO’s.  Then they sighted small, star sized orange lights float lazily upward from the horizon.  Then at 3:30 am the UFO’s became still and hovered, not moving.  Five minutes later, to the right, two more orange lights were floating along the horizon, treetop level.  One blinked and disappeared."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 17, 1974, pg. 1, 2


August 15, 1974                   Laconia

At 9:00 pm, "an orange egg shaped object was seen going across the sky from a vantage point at the Vocational Technical College on Prescott Hill.  It was very bright and being followed by three airplanes.  It dropped something and they saw it go behind a mountain and disappear."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 16, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 15, 1974                   Laconia

At 9:09 pm, "blue and white lights were seen over Lake Winnipesaukee, which hesitated and then took off for the Rte. 11B area."                  

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 16, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 15, 1974                   Weirs Beach

At 9:18 pm, "a cone shaped object with a green tint and a red glow on the bottom went over Lake Winnipesaukee."                  

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 16, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 15, 1974                   Belmont

At 9:47 pm, "two objects with bright lights were reported in the vicinity of Belmont."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 16, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 15, 1974                  Center Harbor

At 9:50 pm,    “A group of five or six people were on the shores of Lake Winona and saw a steady bright light move across the sky, moving west to east.  It was visible for twenty seconds.  Around 10:00 pm they saw another bright light in the northern sky and at 10:30 pm looking south, they saw three similar lights about five to ten minutes apart.  One was low on the horizon, the second a little higher and the third rose in Sagittarius and moved east.  The intensity of the lights was about the same as the big dipper stars and the objects were going more slowly than a meteorite but faster than a jet and left no trail.”            

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 20, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 15, 1974                   Laconia

At 11:00 pm, "a saucer shaped object over Lake Opechee with red, green and white lights."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 16, 1974, pg. 1, 3


August 19, 1974                   West Alton

Around 9:30 pm, “A young family reported sighting an unidentified flying object with red and blue lights move faster than a jet.  It was seen for about forty seconds, and it was heading toward the Weirs Beach area.”

Source:   The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 20, 1974, pg. 1, 3



August 20, 1974                           Derry

At 9:30 pm, “Joe R. was driving on Route 93 when he saw through his windshield an object ‘big as a house’ moving from east to west at approximately 300 meters from him.  It was white in color, fuzzy and bright as the sun, and was followed by several smaller objects.  It moved into the trees along the highway between exits 4 and 5, he pulled off the road, got out, and began looking for the object.  Some time later, he suddenly spotted two small ‘mummy like’ figures in the woods 40 meters distant.  Alarmed, he got in his car and drove away.  The entire incident was of one-hour duration, although the figures were only seen briefly.”

Source: www.ufologie.net


August 22, 1974                   Laconia

“Four UFO sightings were reported to city police last night and one of the officers who checked out the reports said he saw lights of what he thought was a helicopter.  Three of the sightings were in the Memorial Park area.  The first report was at 8:56 pm of an object in the sky over Memorial Park with red lights on the underside and had a light on top and was revolving.  At 9:42 pm a report was received from a husband and wife that saw the object heading towards the Weirs Beach area.  It had a white light on front, a red light on the top and blue lights on each end.  There was no noise.  A 10:35 pm call was received from South Street reporting a couple of UFO’s trying to land in the woods."

Source:  The Laconia Evening Citizen, Aug. 23, 1974, pg. 1, 3


June 1975                             Goffstown

“Witness was riding bike home when the bright round sphere object floated above the trees.  It followed him to his house, and he ran into the garbage cans, it made such a commotion, a lady in the house next door looked out her window.  She went outside and also saw the disc.  In the blink of an eye it was gone.  The next day newspaper told of a local lady and town police officer observing a disc."        

Source:  www.nuforc.org


July 5, 1975                          Franconia Notch

At 11:00 pm, "a cigar shaped metallic object hovered above the tree line, it had faint lights.  It sped up to hover over the parking lot of Franconia State Park above a car.  It then rose very fast above the rock cliff."

Source:  www.nuforc.org 


August 1975                          Henniker

“It was in August of 1975, and I had been camped atop Craney Hill near New England College in Henniker, N.H. for about a month.  I was spending my time meditating and contemplating.  I hiked around browsing on the wild blueberries and enjoying the beautiful landscape.  Early one evening my friend, Tommy, (who I’ve lost track of over the years), came up with a supply of food.  I was fixing a pot of red zinger tea when Tommy spotted a light over the east.  He said it was a UFO, but I said it was just an ordinary airplane headed directly toward us.  As it drew closer and closer, it made no sound, and I should point out that there are no swamps in the area from which swamp gas might arise, besides which, it had been a rather dry summer.  By this time it was directly overhead.  I knew it was no airplane, or even a helicopter, because they make a lot of noise, and this object in the sky made none.”

Source:  www.jamesclairlewis.com


August 1975                          Hollis

"The objects were coming in very quickly from the black of space, from out of the star field.  They were circular luminescent spheres and seemed to arrive in two’s or three’s or more.  They chased each other performing remarkable maneuvers, reversing direction at speeds that would have turned a human being into a puddle.  Then all of a sudden they would take off in different directions at such a speed you could not track them with your eyes.  This continued for about one week, it became almost normal to see them each night."

Source:  www.nuforc.org


1975 or 1976                                       Sanbornville

“It was around 1975 or 1976, my father, sister and I were sitting in the den watching tv and waiting for my mom to come home from grocery shopping.  We could see a light out of the north window that looked similar to headlights coming up the driveway.  We all got up to help mum in with the groceries.  When we got to the door there was no car se we looked for where the light was coming from.  About two hundred feet to the northeast, above a very tall old pine tree was a white light.  There was no sound – like a helicopter, but it sat there above the tree like a helicopter light.  We watched it for at least three minutes...next a light shined down from the light above the tree, and shined toward the ground.  The only way I can think to describe it was that it looked like a star of Bethlehem you might see on an animated cartoon.  It only shined straight down.  Then it shut that light off and traveled to the east very rapidly.  In the eastern sky it seemed to go back and forth, north to south, south to north repeatedly...I continued to watch it for another fifteen minutes or so doing its thing over the Acton, Maine ridge.  Then it flew like a streak in the sky to the south, out of my line of sight, so fast it left just a streak of light.”

Source:  www.newhampshireparanormal.com


February 24, 1976               Stratham

At 9:37 pm, "A six-meter in diameter, domed disc hovered over a road.  There were four legs on the bottom of the craft, and it was silent."         

Source:  Skylook, May 1976, pg. 3, by Raymond Fowler


Summer 1976                       Madison

At 10:00 pm, “I was a police officer on guard duty at a lumber company.  I noticed a round large white light towards Silver Lake.  It moved and dimmed.  The object slowly came towards and over me.  It was very quiet, but sounded like a high-speed whine.  It went towards Mt. Whittier ski slope.  In an instant it was gone in a red streak at a seventy-degree motion.  The whole thing lasted twenty minutes.”  

Source: www.nuforc.org


August 1976                         Ossipee

Around 11:00 pm, "It looked like the sun was rising over the mountain, but it was nearing midnight.  No noise, no logical reason."         

Source:  www.nuforc.org


September 1976                 North Woodstock

“It was my junior year of high school and I was training for the upcoming soccer season and I was doing a lot of running...as I was running north on Route 3 and nearly at the intersection where Route 3 and Route 112 joined...directly across the street from what used to the Old Mountaup Motel and cabins.  I looked over my right shoulder in the direction of the old IGA Foodliner and the east branch of the Pemigewasset River, as I saw a cigar shaped craft that was glowing fiery red and was ascending nearly straight up, but not quite.  It was ascending very slowly, silently, at a very sharp angle...for about twenty seconds...it disappeared behind a tree and it never reappeared.”

Source:  www.mufon.com


1977                                     Kensington

"Rita Podalski resides just outside Kensington center, in the middle of the Exeter quadrant and also in close proximity to Great Meadows.  It was in the heavily wooded area near her home that the preschool teacher had a close encounter with Unidentified Flying Objects 31 years ago.  Podalsky reflected, 'My daughter was seven at the time.  The family was watching TV in the bedroom and the drapes were open to the big picture window.'  Podalsky and her husband noticed lights coming through the trees.  The couple ran through the house and out the front door to the yard.  'It looked like a big car with two bright headlights coming low and over the tops of the trees,’ said Podalsky.  In actuality, the beams were from dual crafts, which Podalsky said were "slow and silent."  They passed just over the rooftop and disappeared over the Kensington Church."

Source:  www.seacoastonline.com


January 10, 1977                Wakefield

"It was five degrees above zero and in the midst of a blizzard, when a man looked out the window and was surprised to see a hole in his pond.  The pond, one hundred and five feet by seventy-five feet, had been frozen solid the day before.  The hole was perfectly round and cut through fourteen inches of ice.  Eight inches of slush surrounded the hole, suggesting that something had melted through.  Peering into the hole and through clear water he saw something that looked like a one-foot square box.  He brought family members for a look at it.  He went to the barn to pick up a rake, a hoe and a pole, hoping to haul the thing to the surface.  Back at the pond, he saw the thing was in three feet of muck at the bottom.  Frustrated, he called a friend who arrived at 2:30 pm.  Concerned that they might be dealing with a radioactive satellite or aircraft debris, they called police who soon arrived with a local Civil Defense representative.  The Geiger counter indicated a reading alarmingly above normal.  They were warned to stay away from the water.  By 4:00 pm the circle of slush had expanded to ten feet.  At 2:00 am McCarthy woke up, alerted by his dog, and found three men at his pond.   The entire surface had turned to slush.  The State Deputy Civil Defense Director did Geiger counter readings.  The men left to notify their superiors and Governor Meldrim Thompson, Jr.  When the pond was observed a few hours later, a second hole was discovered about fifty feet from the original.  A fresh six-foot wide trench went from one hole to the other.  To all appearances, the object had entered one hole and left by the other.  Investigators tried unsuccessfully to drain the pond.  Observers watched and thought they saw the searchers retrieve a black object and place it in a van, which quickly left the area.  State authorities acted quickly to deflate the story."

Source:  www.waterufo.net


April 4, 1977                         Gorham

At 8:15 pm, "a woman was walking her dog behind her house when she heard a sound like a wind or whistle and observed a small object land next to the children’s playhouse.  It was about five feet diameter, with eight pods or legs, with windows or doors all around it and an antenna on top.  The interior was a bright red, and it contained six, three-foot tall occupants with long slit like eyes, ape like noses, and no hair.  The skin of their faces was very wrinkled.  They wore gloves.  She could hear ‘a garble of voices” talking, like a bunch of CB voices, and felt a great deal of heat come from the craft.  She watched it for about fifteen minutes.  It rose straight up and flew off to the south.  When she got back in the house she found her face and legs red from the heat.  Her dog, which reacted noticeably to the object, would still not let her go near the area for a month afterward."

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


June 1977                            Windham

At 1:00 pm, “Four witnesses were called to the neighbors house to join others watching a craft about seven hundred feet up.  It was about fifty feet wide and fifteen to twenty feet tall.  It was a dark, metallic disc that did not move or make a sound.  I could see windows.  When it took off, it simply disappeared.”

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


June 1977                             Raymond

Around 12:30 am, “a loud jet-like whistle awakened a person who ran outside and observed a large triangular object with green, white, blue, orange and red flashing lights on bottom.  It hovered over trees in front of a house and was seen for two minutes."

Source:  www.nuforc.org


June 15, 1977                      Newington

At 9:00 pm,  "two people were driving south on Spaulding Turnpike when they noticed something very strange moving in the sky, in the same direction they headed and it matched their speed. They pulled off the highway and found a parking lot with about twenty-five cars that had also stopped to look into the sky.  The object hovered over the parking lot.  It made no noise.  It was a disc with very bright white lights on the bottom, around the perimeter.  It hovered for one minute then moved at a very fast speed north, following the highway until out of sight.  Someone said to stick around; it’s been doing this for a while.  The object reappeared over the highway, moving slowly over the parking lot, then shot away again.  The sighting lasted ten minutes."

Source:  www.nuforc.org


July 1977                                              Albany

“Back in July 1977, my parents and I had definitely seen a UFO on Hedgehog Mountain, Turnpike Road, hovering in backyard woods, over pine trees.  Not large, white lights in a cluster without noise, silent but there.  I first noticed a light outside my bedroom window that traveled too fast, horizontally, to be an airplane or helicopter and no noise.  Within a few seconds it raced back toward our land.  I yelled for parents to see this.  We walked outside our patio door and there we all saw the white light pulsating and hovering.  No noise…the UFO light shot forward and had to be the speed of light.  It just simply disappeared.”

Source:  www.myufo.com


July 1, 1977                          Nashua

“A disc or saucer was seen for about fifteen minutes.  This info was from my father, who recently passed away.  He was in Nashua by Dunkin Donuts on Canal Street and when he came outside he noticed a number of people staring at the sky.  He told me there was no sound and the object was several hundred feet above the ground.  He said there was one red light on the bottom and what appeared to be a row of rotating windows with a very bright white light.  He said there were several witnesses, although there was nothing in the papers.   About six months, maybe one and a half years later, he was christmas shopping at the Mall of N.H. in Manchester and when he came out of Lechmere’s he looked up and the same craft was hovering just above the trees, maybe 200 feet up.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org



July 6, 1977                           Hillsboro

""For Bob Giglio, a photographer for Hillsboro’s weekly newspaper, The Messenger, and for the county’s various police departments; it began on July 6, 1977.  His life has not been the same since.  At 1:30 am on that date, his 18-year-old daughter came home from a party, full of excitement: ‘Dad, you should have seen the weird light up on the hill!’ she said.  Giglio, a burley, gravel-voiced man who operates at high voltage, immediately gathered up his cameras, anticipating a good shot for The Messenger.  Trying not to awaken his sleeping wife, Patricia, he whispered, ‘Let’s go.’  Most of Hillsboro’s 3000 residents were asleep as the Giglio’s drove through town, past the darkened Sylvania head-lamp plant and the Norton abrasives factory.  After they passed the last streetlight, driving east along Route 202 toward Concord, the state capital, the night turned black, except for the yellow tunnel of their headlights.  Forests spilled down the hills to the roadsides.  ‘Dad, look there’ Giglio’s daughter cried.  He swerved onto the shoulder and braked.  Up on an uninhabited mountainside, a white light pulsated.  Giglio stared, bewildered.  It wasn’t a fire.  ‘I knew that weird thing didn’t belong there,’ he says.  As they stared at the light, his daughter began to cry.  Abruptly, he U-turned and roared toward Hillsboro’s police station.  An hour later they were back, this time in a police cruiser with two officers.  Now the light was even brighter.  Giglio snapped photograph after photograph, bristling with curiosity.  What was this thing?  After a while the light vanished.  Later, Giglio hired an airplane to scout the area where the light had been.  Nothing was there but trees.  He had a photographic expert at the ITEK laboratory in Lexington, Massachusetts, examine the negatives.  The expert agreed that something round, about ten feet in diameter, had been on the mountainside.”  “One night he received a call from the police in nearby Henniker, the strange light was back and he should hurry over with his camera.  He was speeding along a back road when suddenly his car began to vibrate.   ‘And just then this ungodly thing came up over the hill,’ he says.  Something huge, round and illuminated sailed up from behind the trees and passed over his car.  He slammed on the brakes.  ‘It sounded as if I was surrounded by a bunch of bees and hornets,’ he says.  ‘Then the thing – it was just fifty feet away – flipped over on its side, the light went out and it vanished.’”

Source:  McCall's Magazine, Feb. 1981, pg. 22   "You can read the whole magazine article; click on our Research tab and click on the article 1, "Close Encounters in New Hampshire"


August 8, 1977                     Portsmouth

At 6:00 pm, “It was early evening, and the object drifted over the city from southwest to northeast.  It had the rectangular shape of a cigar box or a shoebox.  It looked metallic.  It had no lights, no sound and no apparent propulsion.  It drifted over a bank of clouds about two to three thousand feet.  It had an ‘X’ marking faintly visible on its underside.  It was twice the size of a boxcar, maybe larger.  I was an air force pilot and did not report it although I did talk about it openly with a Lt. Col. who was quite open about other reports that he had been given, but had not heard of one like this.  When I talked quietly to other pilots over coffee, one said they had been paced by a light once and once one reported seeing a saucer over a lake at home.”          

Source:  www.nuforc.org


September 7, 1977              Colebrook

"My grandfather took the photo.  He lived in Chartierville, Canada, a small town in Quebec, about five miles from the N.H. border and about twenty minutes from Colebrook, N.H.  Chartierville boasts a magnetic hill; there have been many UFO’s in the area.  He was headed home on a remote road in the early evening.  He was startled first by the sound of a heavy wind and then by the glowing half orb, which descended silently and landed on the road a few hundred yards in front of him.  He said he could feel the heat coming from the object and that it looked like an upside down World War I German helmet.  It made no noise at all.  It was bright and clear, like fine crystal.  He happened to have his camera in the car and took a picture, then turned the car around and drove away as fast as possible.  He kept an eye on the rearview mirror, but saw no movement and the UFO was soon out of sight.  The picture came out, but the image was faint.  My grandfather passed away in 1988 and the photo passed into my hands as part of his estate.”      

Source:  www.geocities.com

The photograph can be viewed in the photo section.


September 7, 1977                          East Kingston

“As Portsmouth resident Betty Hill drove her mother home on Route 108 at 8:00 p.m. Sept. 7, 1977, she saw large red and green lights on what she believed to be a UFO as she neared Trickling Falls in East Kingston.  Later as she was driving home, she saw another UFO with red and green lights following railroad tracks near Route 107.”

Source:  University of New Hampshire Newsletter, Apr. 9, 2009


October 1977                      Manchester

At 11:00 pm, “three people left the Deerfield Fair and headed home to Nashua.  While on Route 101 they noticed a large object in the sky.  They stopped the car to get out and look at it.  When they stopped, the object stopped.  The object was glowing purple and the raised dome was glowing red.  They watched it for about 10 minutes.  The object continued moving slowly until out of sight."       

Source: www.ufoinfo.com


Between 1978 – 1981                            Laconia

“This was a clear dark dusk, night sky.  Numerous stars were present.  It should be noted that this 100% silent, triangular craft was merely silhouetted by the background – clear sky.  It appeared as a dark triangle with frosted white circular lights on three corners.  I seem to recall a few more lights surrounding.  The height of the craft appeared to be a mile or less.  Not that high!  That’s what really made me think, even as a child, I should be hearing something if it’s this close to the ground.  I recall that this thing was moving extremely slow and 100% silent like a hot air balloon.  We watched this craft for over an hour over ‘5 mile ring’ and Holman Street by the old State School.  It appeared to circle the area.  It slowed almost to a hover and shot out red, white and pink balls of light that gently and quietly drifted down until they were out of sight behind tree line.  It then headed NNE, again at a snails pace.  My mother had called my father at work and told him to go outside and see it.  We, meaning my brother, sister and mother hopped in the car and drove to fathers work watching this thing the entire time gliding slowly above us.  Father comes outside, perplexed and anxious. This craft continued NNE until we could no longer see it.  Here are the interesting facts of all this.  My grandfather, at the time, was a high ranking Naval Commander with countless years flight time/experience.  He promptly called the local airports/weather stations and local fire towers reporting what we were all were seeing, as it happened live.  They all reported nothing in the area.  My grandfathers’ anguish of knowing that he actually sees what he is seeing further prompted him to call the U.S. Navy, relaying who he was and his rank and state the same.  They also denied any knowledge of anything in the area.  As it turns out, we are not crazy! The next day in the local newspaper, The Laconia Citizen, the front page to the back was all details of other eyewitness accounts from one end of New Hampshire to the other.  Included were drawings and exact details that we had all seen the night before.  And to top it off, the little falling balls of light were also documented by others, to which a few stated that they actually saw them land near a gas station.”

Source:   www.nhufo.org                                            


Between Oct.-Jan. of 1978 thru 1982            Ashland

The witness and "another female friend were driving on Route 93 around exit 23 and their eyes were drawn to a round light to the west of a mountain...flashing orange, yellow and bluish lights.  She described it as dancing all over...it ascended and descended vertically in front of and occasionally above the mountain.  It moved in a zigzagging pattern and rapidly bounced forward and receded back several times.  The larger craft hovered and several smaller lighted objects ejected from it.  Several cars pulled to the side of the road to observe the craft, but they continued to drive south on I93.  She had the impression it was following her.  They drove onto exit 23 (Meredith, New Hampton, New Bristol) to take Route 104 east.  When they reached the top of the ramp, the huge, silent mushroom shaped craft, as large as a two-lane highway, was inches above the road blocking her passage.  On the domed top were multicolored lights.  Below that was a single row of rectangular windows with oval edges.  An intense silvery light shone from the interior.  The lower part of the craft was cone shaped and three aluminum colored legs with a strange design on them were telescoping out from the bottom of the craft...the witnesses do not recall passing the craft or turning left toward Meredith.  She had no continuous memory of what came next.  As if no time had passed, her next memory was of driving on the northbound ramp, exit 23, on the opposite side of I93.   They pulled into a garage and asked several men to join her outside to assure her she wasn’t seeing what she thought she was seeing.  They all observed a boomerang shaped craft that was up on its side between the garage and the adjacent trees...it was almost as long as the garage in height.  The silent object moved slowly behind the garage.  Orange and yellow steady lights lined the front edge of the boomerang.   The witness and her friend returned to the car and proceeded east on Route 104.  They observed the craft which seemed to pace her vehicle...when they arrived at their destination they guessed they were an hour later than expected.  The witnesses’ eyes were burning pressure and pain about a week later.  Both would experience this strange tingling between their eyebrows, which signaled them that a UFO was nearby.”

Source:  www.mufon.com


December 1977 or 1978     Manchester

Approximate date given in July 1, 1977 report:  “About six months, maybe one and a half years later, he was christmas shopping at he Mall of N.H. in Manchester and when he came out of Lechmere’s he looked up and the same craft was hovering just above the trees, maybe 200 feet up.”  The craft was described as “a disc with one red light on the bottom and what appeared to be a row of rotating windows with a very bright white light.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org


1978                                             Hampton

“In 1978 I was working as a Hampton police officer and I had the distinct honor of meeting Betty Hill.  I went with her to at least two sites and was witness to some very startling visuals.  There were two airborne craft.  I strained to hear any noise from an engine, but there was nothing, only silence.  There were a series of windows and varied color lights flashing in a random pattern, blue, yellow, red, green, etc.  As they moved thru the night sky all altitude changes were graceful and very smooth, no erratic up/down aspect changes at all.”

Source:  www.nhufo.org


1978                                     Exeter

A witness states, "around 1978, on more than one occasion, saw a round UFO hovering outside an upper story window.  The woman, who lived a short distance from the Phillips Exeter Academy walking trails, could see the occupants inside the UFO.  She became concerned after seeing the craft a number of times."           

Source:  www.seacoastonline.com


January 27, 1978                 Manchester

At 6:06 am,      “We were heading north, from Springfield, Mass., to Manchester, N.H.  There were three of us in the front seat.  What I clearly remember:  A fireball that took up passenger side of car.  Fireball tracked us exactly beside car.  Fireball was directly outside passenger window.  All three of us were absolutely terrified and trying to get away from passenger side of car.  Next memory is arriving in Manchester and noting that the trip took longer than it should.”            

Source:  www.mufon.com


February 1, 1978                  Dublin

At 10:00 pm, “Five friends at a private prep school were out on the soccer field, without electric lights.  The object was triangle, though pointed like an arrow.  The underside had a bright light in each corner.  In the middle was a smaller red flashing light.  The right side had illuminated rectangular windows.  There were two rows of either three or four horizontal.  The rear had three bright white lights in a line; so intense they gave off a prism effect, and pulsed.  They looked like they were behind a grid.  It was very large and hummed lowly.  The sighting lasted fifteen to twenty minutes.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org


April 11, 1978                        Epping

"There are very few sightings that take place in bad weather.  It was a close encounter of the first kind…a young couple driving north on Route 125 saw three red lights in a triangular shape hovering over their car.  The husband saw a blue glow emanating from the craft."

Source:  www.virtuallystrange.net


July 1, 1978                          Gilford

"A police officer from Gilford reported observing a number of objects in the sky from a high land observation point called Liberty Hill.  The objects appeared to be in a perfect formation, flashing lights back and forth between them as they hovered stationary in the sky.  After work, this officer met with another officer from the town of Tilton and they sat on the edge of I-93 for approx. 2 hours watching these objects that were mostly stationary in the sky, flashing lights back and forth.  Finally the objects flew south over I-93 and they communicated this information via radio to N.H. State Police, and they acknowledged the objects were over their location.  The next morning those officers were instructed to not speak about this incident again as it might cause panic among the population of the towns and state."       

Source:  www.nuforc.org


October 1978 

Around 10:00 pm, “Traveling west on Rte 101, three people saw a large orb UFO moving slowly from north to south.  A large purple light moved slowly.  We stopped to look and it stopped and hovered.  It looked like a top on its side.  The main body glowed purple with a bright red dome, with two rows of counter-rotating yellow lights, going around the outside of the purple body rapidly.  There was no sound.  We watched for twenty minutes, then the object continued slowly south and eventually disappeared.  When we got home, my friend was waiting for us, and she described the same object, it went directly above her and took up the whole sky.”

Source:  www.ufoevidence.org


December 14, 1978             Hancock, Dublin

"At dawn a man driving his car saw a green cigar shaped object traveling at high speed at tree top level."

Source: www.ufocat.com


Spring 1979                                         Clarksville

“A Civil Air Patrol plane was brought down by an unidentified source.  It was perfectly fine one minute, then for no reason, down the next.  There had been some unexplained lights sighted on several occasions and the military was also doing exercises.  At the time there was some talk it might be UFO related.

Source:  www.nhufo.org


September 1979                               Franconia

Around 3:00 am, “...Looking up we both spotted a satellite, I remember saying, ‘Cool, huh?’  Then it stopped and we said at the same time, ‘Where did it go?’  In one split second four additional (whatever?) shot out across the sky in four opposite directions from where we were looking.  These four objects traveled across the sky in four directions, beyond and out of our sight.  Then just as fast, they all came back to the same spot where we last saw the satellite stop.  It then continued across the sky as any normal satellite would...the four additional objects shot out at approximately six to ten times faster than the original track of what we thought was a satellite and at the distances all four objects traveled and back again is beyond our comprehension.  It almost seemed like it was creating a grid and mapping the area.  Like taking a picture of the mountains or something.”

Source:  www.nuforc.org


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