1700 - 1899

1750 - 1800                          Hopkinton

Starting in 1750 and continuing through 1800, people reported seeing balls of light move silently through the air around Putney Hill.  Sometimes a light-filled ball would remain a distance away from a person and appear to follow, stopping when the person stopped, and moving again when the person started walking.  They were controlled by some kind of intelligence.  This continued for fifty years.  "Between 1750 and 1800 there were many reports of light-filled balls or globes seen floating in the area.  It was said that the globes moved silently through the air.  They did not appear to move at random, but as if some intelligence was navigating them.  For example, a globe would follow a person; stop when the person stopped, then move again once he or she began to walk.  However, the globes stayed a certain distance away from the person at all times."

Source:  Carole Marsh, N.H. UFO's & Extraterrestrials:  A Look At The Sightings & Science in Our State, pg. 10


October 12, 1796                Hopkinton

On October 12, 1796, "three people were in Gould Hill area looking up at the sky and spotted fifteen air-ships at close range, close enough that they could see sides and ports."

Source:  spacepub.com


1800 's                                  Ossipee

“In the central, eastern part of the state is Ossipee Lake, an area sacred to the Indians.  In 1800, an Indian burial ground was discovered, an area that contained ten thousand bodies arranged in concentric circles.  There are numerous ‘kettle’ lakes in the area that were carved out of glaciers during the ice ages, and ancient volcanoes ring the area.  Some of the ponds are considered bottomless and may be connected to each other by volcanic vents.  It is said that UFO’s have been seen plunging into these deep ponds.”

Source: mcadams.posc.mu.edu/weberman/aa072997.htm


1816                                     White Mountain National Forest, Mount Adams

In an area of the White Mountain National Forest an incident happened that is the earliest reported close encounter with aliens in N.H. and possibly one of the earliest in all of North America.  Upon closer inspection of a book written in 1896 about New England myths and legends, there was one story with vivid details that sounded strangely similar to UFO sightings of today.  The sighting took place in 1816 and trying to describe it must have been difficult at the time.  When it was documented eighty years later, there still weren’t any explanations and was considered to be just a local legend.  Now, 193 years later, knowing what we do about technology, we can finally offer an explanation to what was seen.  The details of the report tell about a hunter, maybe two, who camped on Mount Adams and witnessed a silver craft on the ground with aliens seen inside and outside walking around, and then the craft was seen flying off.

The “Vision on Mount Adams” reportedly took place in 1816 when “a hunter camped on the side of Mount Adams, was awakened at midnight by the notes of an organ.  The mists were rolling off, and he found that he had gone to sleep near a mighty church of stone that shone in the soft light.  The doors were flung back, showing a tribe of Indians kneeling within.  Candles sparkled on the altar, shooting their rays through clouds of incense, and the rocks shook with thunder-gusts of music.  Suddenly church, lights, worshipers vanished, and from the mists came forth a line of uncouth forms, marching in silence.  As they started to descend the mountain, a silver image, floating in the air, spread a pair of gleaming pinions and took flight, disappearing in the chaos of battlemented rocks above. “

Source:  Myths and Legends of Our Own Land, by Charles M. Skinner, 1896

Source:  N.H. Flapjack, researcher, author of above theory, nhufo.org

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1834-1836                            Deerfield

The explosions started happening in 1834 and continued until 1846.  No one could explain the loud explosions that seemed to come from under the ground and in an area of South Road.  They were loud and happened unexpectedly during the day and night.  As many as twelve explosions would interrupt the night, and continued all year long.  The explosions were strong enough to shake houses, causing chimneys to crumble and fall.  One afternoon, people were riding in a wagon, heard an explosion and watched several stonewalls fall over.  These reports were common for twelve years and remain unexplained. 

Source:  www.ufoinfo.com


1845                                     Concord

September 1845 a farmer noticed brilliant dancing lights over his fields


1870                                     White Mountain National Forest, Mount Washington

On top of Mt. Washington is a weather observatory that has registered some of the highest winds on earth.  In 1870 photographic equipment was set up to capture cloud formations.  Captured on film is a cigar shaped object in the clouds.

“Not many people are aware of it but the first photograph which many believe shows a UFO was actually taken in New Hampshire in the winter of 1870.  The photograph, which depicts a cloud formation over the summit of Mt. Washington, shows a cigar-shaped object and is part of an antique stereoview which was registered by Clough & Kimball in 1871.  The object is clearly and sharply seen in some detail, as is the reflection of the sun off the object according to accounts.  The stereoview was sold at an E-bay online auction on March 4, 2002, to Samuel M. Sherman, president of Independent Pictures Corp., for $385 and Sherman has said that his company would make it available to scientists for detailed analysis.”

Source:  The Weirs Times, March 3, 2005

Note from nhufo.org: You can view this photograph in the Photograph Section.


1896                                      Portsmouth

One night there were two security guards on duty at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard guarding the bridge from the mainland.  One looked up and saw a flying object hovering over a navy ship tied at the dock.  Both guards were shocked to hear their bullets hit metal and bounce off.  After being shot at it turned bright and quickly took off.

Source:  www.ufocasebook.com



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